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UTMs Truncated After First '&'. How to Resolve?

I'm creating shortened links via the API. UTMs after the first '&' are being stripped off in the response. I've tested using Postman, in the app I'm creating (NodeJS), and on the https://developers.rebrandly.com/reference#create-link-url "try it' feature. Example URL: https://something.org?utm_source=slack&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=something&utm_context=anotherthing What comes back (after shortened URL is clicked): https://something.org?utm_source=slack this gets stripped off ---> &utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=something&utm_context=anotherthing

How to shorten the url if the url has spaces

I am calling the Rebrandly Api from an Apex class in my salesforce app. The destination url is very long and it contains spaces in it. I think the space is causing problem because the url is returning this: '[{"code":"InvalidFormat","property":"destination","message":"Url is not valid","verbose":"Invalid format for destination"}]}' error. So ,is there any way to fix it? Thanks very much.

How to count link clicks via API?

Could you please suggest how to count link clicks via API? for example, I have generated a short link and I would like to get information via when it was clicked and a number of times? Thank you.

Stuck on "SSL Certificate not active yet"

My domain has been stuck on "SSL Certificate not active yet" for over 48 hours. Is there something that can be done to resolve this?

SSL Certificate not active yet.

Hello, I have configured a new domain (xn--kz1-bl7e409v.jp) two days ago. In Admin Dashboard I see that domain active and ready to be used, but still SSL Certificate not active yet. Could you please help me with this? I need this feature as soon as possible. Regards, Stas

SSL for my custom domain

I have setup a free Rebrandly account a few days back, but I see that SSL is still not enabled. Can you please help?

API For Custom Short URL

Dear Team, I am using python code which is given in API for custom short URL. This code is working for every static URL but not my dynamic URL which have some parameters, I need this for my UPI integration. for example, when I am using that code for below URL it is working and giving me a short URL: https://www.google.com/ -working. But when I am using my UPI URL: "upi://pay?pa=" + pa + "&pn=" + pn + "&tr=" + tid + "&am=" + amount + "&cu=" + currency + "&url=https://hook.integromat.com/xyz, it is giving invalid url. please provide me with the solution for the same. Thanks & Regards Vishakha Mishra


We are interested in your solution but would like an integration to SharePoint, if available. Please advise.

HTTPS / SSL still not set for my domain, even after few hours

Hello, I set my domain scgupta.me a few hours back, but "Https (SSL)" status is still "SSL Certificate not active yet." If I understood correctly, all domains in all plans, a FREE SSL certificate offered by Let's Encrypt authority is set automatically. Do I need to do something? Can you please help setting SSL so that I can create and share https links? Thanks.

unlock my domain name

Trying to transfer my domain name

Getting pagination for links

Hi Support, I am currently working on google sheet integration and need to list all existing short URL. I am trying to do this using the API and Google Scripts, but I am unable to get the pagination working. I've tried adding the "last" value as described on the page (https://developers.rebrandly.com/docs/understanding-pagination), but it isn't working. The code I am executing is: var headers = { apikey: "xxxxxx", workspace: "xxxxxx" } var params = { headers: headers, contentType: "application/json", method: 'get', muteHttpExceptions: false, } var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch("https://api.rebrandly.com/v1/links", params); How do i need to modify this to get the pagination working?

Use API to expand the shortened link?

I would like to use the API to submit the shortened link and return the expanded original link. It's not clear from the API documentation how to do that. All it says is to send a GET to /links but where/how do I submit the shortened link?

API Parameter forwarding

Dear Support, May I know how to do Parameter forwarding from long link to shortened link for API? e.g. want to keep "abc" and "xyz" dynamic in link http://example.com?param1="abc"&param2="xyz" Thanks.

custom tag style, curl

Hi, i try to set a "tag style" parameter in curl command, how can I put this parameter whit vale "seo frinendly" thanks

Why are my links flagged as unsafe?

I've been using Rebrandly for some time now and have never had a problem with the servie until now. The problem is as follows: I received an email saying that my domain isn't working. I get in, restart the DNS verification process and the status indicator turns green again. But every browser flagged my shortlinks as unsafe( ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID or "The certificate chain is not complete.") I think the problem is that in the domain details (in Rebrandly Domain Managing page), the SSL field says: "SSL Certificate is not active yet". But to my knowledge, Rebrandly would provide free SSL certificate for me, so why does my domain not have SSL Certificate? How can I resolve this issue? Thank you all in advance!

How to customize short url after the domain?

Here is the html code I have so far: <!doctype html> <input id="box"> <button onclick="makelink(document.getElementById('box').value)">Make THAT Link</button> <div id="output"></div> <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.2.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> var data; function makelink(q) &#123; $.ajax(&#123; url: "https://api.rebrandly.com/v1/links/new?apikey=<REDACTED>&destination=" + q + "&domain[fullName]=beehired.tech", success: function (rawdata) &#123; var rawstring = JSON.stringify(rawdata); data = JSON.parse(rawstring); document.getElementById("output").innerHTML = "<a href='https://" + data.shortUrl + "' target='_blank'>" + data.shortUrl + "</a>"; &#125; &#125;) &#125;; </script> How can I change/add to this code so that a link that is being shortened to beehired.tech/jxk would instead be shortened to beehired.tech/jobfair01. I would like to customize the portion that comes after the "/". Thanks for any help you can provide.

GET return only selected fields not all fields

I would like to do .../links?fields=slashtag,anotherField but it still returns every field. Can I not restrict it to just the fields I requested?

Deprecated properties

I am implementing an API integration and when listing my links I get the following field in my JSON: "domainId":"8f104cc5b6ee4a4ba7897b06ac2ddcfb" "domainName":"rebrand.ly" "domain":{ "id":"8f104cc5b6ee4a4ba7897b06ac2ddcfb" "ref":"/domains/8f104cc5b6ee4a4ba7897b06ac2ddcfb" "fullName":"rebrand.ly" "active":true } However on this page the deprecated properties of link entities are listed: https://developers.rebrandly.com/docs/link-entity#section-deprecated-properties It says domainId's are replaced by domain references. However the link to this domain reference is broken and I can not find more information about this. According to my understanding the domainId will no longer be used in the future? What will replace this?

can we get individual link click data?

Want to know if there is a way to individual link click data like IP address, browser details, etc.

Temporary Links

Since I don't need links to be available more than a few days, is there any way of creating temporary links? Or delete the links based on the time of creation?