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How to pass expiration time in api when creating short urls

How to pass expiration time in api when

Get Monthly Click Report

Hi Rebrandly, Can your API be enhanced to export a summary report of clicks (bonus would include a column for unique clicks) per month? **Psuedo Code** def startdate: \<"2021-06-11T18:18:53.000Z"> #any datetime format def month: \<6> #6 months from startdate (e.g. Sunday, May 14, 2023) def monthSort: "desc" def columns: [ id, createdAt, shortUrl, destination, status, clicks, sessions, months:desc ] **Expected Result** | id | createdAt | shortUrl | destination | status | clicks | sessions | May | Apr | Mar | Feb | Jan | Dec | | :------------------------------- | :----------------------- | :--------- | :---------------------- | :----------------------- | :----- | :------- | :-- | :-- | :-- | :-- | :-- | :-- | | cd3ea03a1a17420bae892df009124c4c | 2021-06-11T18:18:53.000Z | 2021-06-11 | domain.subdomain/global | <https://www.google.com> | 120 | 120 | 20 | 40 | 20 | 10 | 10 | 20 |

Deleted Links

If I accidently delete one of my links can I restore it?

Some countries's user can't open rebrandly link

Some of our customers said rebrandly link is not open like below images but mine is working well on phone , pc too our company link is <https://rebrand.ly/yallakorea-for-1> Customer's countries are UAE, Saudi arabia, middle east I'm from South Korea Is there any way to solve this problem? ![](https://files.readme.io/4dd8fd3-image.png)

Unique clicks

How does rebrandly recognize unique user clicks? What factors does it consider when determining whether a click is the first one or not?

Server side Conversion tracking?

How can you send conversions via server side or postback to rebrandly? Using a platform like [anytrack](https://anytrack.io)?

Report "In Progress"

Hello, I am downloading a Custom report from the Extended Workspace with api calls. Today the report is still "In Progress" on Rebrandly. Do you have any solutions ? Is it an identified issue ? Thanks, Nathan

Redirection for the URL free shortner tool

Hi. I've made a shortened link using the free-rebrandly URL tool shortener (https://free-url-shortener.rb.gy/) without signing up for an account. Now my original link is dead and | I want to change the redirection URL of the shortened link I've made using the free tool, I've signed up to rebrandly & subscribed to the essential plan so that I can edit the shortened link I've created using the free-tool. However, the shortened link didn't appear on the dashboard and when | returned to the free URL shortener I only could see the traffic on my shortened link or create a QR code for it. So, is there any chance I could edit the URL for the shortened link I've made using the free-URL tool now??

I've delete shortener link for long time, but it still available or refers to harmful site

Need Help !! I've delete shortener link for long time, but it still available or refers to harmful site. Let me know how to solve this. i tried to contact support but still nothing

How do I get number of clicks and use that in a call?

Basically I am trying to do some account maintenance and delete all our old, unused links. The problem is we have a handful of links, within the 10k, that are still being used. They are easy to filter out as they have 100's of clicks on them. So if i could create a program that looked for any link with less than 100 clicks on it and deleted it that would be great. Thanks, Omar