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Redirection for the URL free shortner tool

Hi. I've made a shortened link using the free-rebrandly URL tool shortener (https://free-url-shortener.rb.gy/) without signing up for an account. Now my original link is dead and | I want to change the redirection URL of the shortened link I've made using the free tool, I've signed up to rebrandly & subscribed to the essential plan so that I can edit the shortened link I've created using the free-tool. However, the shortened link didn't appear on the dashboard and when | returned to the free URL shortener I only could see the traffic on my shortened link or create a QR code for it. So, is there any chance I could edit the URL for the shortened link I've made using the free-URL tool now??

I've delete shortener link for long time, but it still available or refers to harmful site

Need Help !! I've delete shortener link for long time, but it still available or refers to harmful site. Let me know how to solve this. i tried to contact support but still nothing

How do I get number of clicks and use that in a call?

Basically I am trying to do some account maintenance and delete all our old, unused links. The problem is we have a handful of links, within the 10k, that are still being used. They are easy to filter out as they have 100's of clicks on them. So if i could create a program that looked for any link with less than 100 clicks on it and deleted it that would be great. Thanks, Omar

Login Credential During Redirect to NextDoor

I've defined the following rebrandly map: https://plf.pet/safe => https://nextdoor.com/p/QnPDft2PgQzZ?view=detail&utm_source=embed This is intended to allow nextdoor subscribers to use a shortened link to access a target page within Nextdoor. The technique works when running nextdoor within a webbrowser, but fails when running within the nextdoor application from the appstore. It appears the nextdoor login credential maybe is not being passed by the nextdoor app. Without getting into rebrandly api programming, is there some config setting that rebrandly uses to control default behavior associated with login credentials?

Any chance that a openApi (/swagger) specification for the API will be available soon?

Hi there Rebrandly, today I started evaluating your API and I really like it - especially the API Explorer - it's clean and easy to understand (just stopped the evaluation of Firebase Dynamic Links...) But having to parse the reponses by hand is tedious. I'd love to generate the API client code from an openAPI specification, which I've done in the past with this https://openapi-generator.tech/docs/plugins/ Any chance there is a rebrandly_api_v1.yaml to be found somewhere? Cheers, Benjamin

Get reports of Extended workspace via API

Hello, In my previous issue solved, it has been mentioned that links on Extended workspace can not be requested by API. But can a custom report be downloaded by API ? If it can, where can i find the procedure ? Thank you, Nathan

Link to sms:[shortcode];?&body=[message]

I switched to Rebrandly today after talking to someone via a demo and my only usecase was redirecting based on device. However, it's not working at all. When on a mobile device, I need to link to sms:[shortcode];?&body=[message] where I'd replace [shortcode] and [message] with what I need them to say. How do I do this within Rebrandly

Your Connection is not private

Hi Rebrandly, i create link, some people get back to me says they cannot open the link because is written "Your connection is not private" https://link.martinusdeporres.org/ARUE_Jul-Agu_2022 Please Help, thank you

API requests links but not getting all of them

Hello, when i request API with /count, i get 214k links. But when i request 25 per 25 with a loop on Talend and the last parameter, i get 200299 links exactly, and it finishes by the right link (the last one of them all). I do an orderBy updatedAt, and sometimes i notice that some links are bypassed, when for example they have the same updateDate exactly. Do you have some solutions ? Thanks, Nathan

404 Error

Hello, I was working the API and I am trying to set up some error messages. When the domain name is not correct, the api should return a code of 404, which it does but inside the response. The http code is in fact 200 which is not correct. Here is my code: $slash_tag = $user.'/vehicle/'.$vehicle_id; echo console_log($slash_tag); $domain_data["fullName"] = "renntapasdas.com"; // messed up domain name $post_data["destination"] = $destination; $post_data["domain"] = $domain_data; $post_data["slashtag"] = $slash_tag; $post_data["title"] = $title; $ch = curl_init("https://api.rebrandly.com/v1/links"); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array( "apikey: NO!", // Do in fact have this but not showing it "Content-Type: application/json" )); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, json_encode($post_data)); $result = curl_exec($ch); $response = json_decode($result, true); /* returns { "message": "Not found", "httpCode": 404, "code": "NotFound", "source": "domain", "id": "renntapasdas.com" } */ echo console_log("Link: ", $response); $httpcode = curl_getinfo($ch, CURLINFO_HTTP_CODE); // Should return a 404 but returns a 200 echo console_log("HTTP Code: ", $httpcode); curl_close($ch); if ($httpcode==403) { if ($response['errors'][0]['code'] == 'AlreadyExists') { return 'renntap.com/'.$slash_tag; } else { return ''; } } else if($httpcode==200) { // therefore this if statement is true when it shouldn't be return $response['shortUrl']; } else { return ''; } Any suggested work arounds?