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How to integrate api to make my website shorten url

i want to make an app to shorten the long url into short i wonder how i can connect that to my frontend

New User

### I'm new to this service and I'm unsure what this site does for developers, i'm relatively new to the API's and their usage but i'm learning of them currently

Rebrandly links changed by Twitter (X)

When I send a tweet (on X) containing a Rebrandly link to a destination URL, it appears that X replaces the Rebrandly link with their own short URL which points directly to my destination URL, avoiding Rebrandly. Consequently, I can't count how many clicks I get. Is there a way around this?

Get all hits from a workspace / tags on a given period of time

Hello Before clickmeter was shutdown, I had a process in were queried daily for all the hits in a given group (a collection of links) with a custom timeframe. Is there a way to have a similar workflow with this API?

Number of links-classic exceeded

I am getting the following error: {'message': 'Number of links-classic exceeded', 'code': 'LimitExceeded', 'source': 'links-classic', 'limit': {'name': 'links-classic', 'used': 25, 'max': 25}} just used 19/500 calls what is the reason for this error?

Add Expiration Date to Short URLs

Is it possible to add an expiration date to a Short URL and or is it possible to add this date via API call? Thank you!

Some countries's user can't open rebrandly link

Some of our customers said rebrandly link is not open like below images but mine is working well on phone , pc too our company link is <https://rebrand.ly/yallakorea-for-1> Customer's countries are UAE, Saudi arabia, middle east I'm from South Korea Is there any way to solve this problem? ![](https://files.readme.io/4dd8fd3-image.png)

Unique clicks

How does rebrandly recognize unique user clicks? What factors does it consider when determining whether a click is the first one or not?

Server side Conversion tracking?

How can you send conversions via server side or postback to rebrandly? Using a platform like [anytrack](https://anytrack.io)?

Report "In Progress"

Hello, I am downloading a Custom report from the Extended Workspace with api calls. Today the report is still "In Progress" on Rebrandly. Do you have any solutions ? Is it an identified issue ? Thanks, Nathan