Account info

Accounts are designed to provide your application with an identity.

Account Object

Main properties of an Account object are:

idstringUnique identifier of the account
usernamestringUsername used in login
emailstringContact email of the account
fullNamestringFull name of the account owner
avatarUrlstringURL of the account avatar
createdAttimestampUTC creation date/time of the account
subscriptionAccount Subscription object
See below
Set of feature/limits info related to the account and its plan

Account Subscription object

Account object includes a "subscription" nested object which resumes account's plan status.

createdAttimestampUTC subscription date/time of the account's current plan
expiredAttimestampUTC expiration date/time of the account's current plan, when plan's category is not free
limitsDictionary of Account Limits objects
See below
Account's resources usage and limits: how many links/domains/tags/etc created so far and which are the maximum limits

Account Limits object

Account Subscription object includes a limits dictionary indicating how many:

  • links
  • domains
  • workspaces
  • teammates
  • tags
  • scripts

there are in the account and how many can be created.
Each of the objects, having as dictionary key its own name as expressed above, has the following properties specified:

usednumericHow many resources of the given type used
maxnumericHow many resources of the given type the account is allowing

Account Features object

Account Subscription object includes a features dictionary of booleans indicating whether you have or not the following features:

  • Retargeting scripts (features.links.scripts)
  • Tags (features.links.tags)
  • Emoji on slashtag (features.links.emoji)
  • Notes on links (features.links.notes)
  • Ability to change your custom homepage and custom 404 on your domains (

If you are implementing an application for third parties, you are supposed to first check whether the Account object is allowing you a specific feature, and then you can proceed with using endpoints related to that feature.

Account management

Here are some basic operations you can perform regarding Account resources:

Get account detailsSee Getting account details
Example Account object
  "id": "3aehje9d536s46d59ba5bcf49b582ear",
  "fullName": "Stanford University",
  "username": "[email protected]",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "avatarUrl": "",
  "createdAt": "2016-07-13T10:54:12.000Z",
  "subscription": {
    "createdAt": "2016-07-13T10:54:12.000Z",
    "limits": {
      "links": {
        "used": 7504,
        "max": 10000
      "domains": {
        "used": 17,
        "max": 100
      "workspaces": {
        "used": 1,
        "max": 50
      "teammates": {
        "used": 5,
        "max": 100
      "tags": {
        "used": 0,
        "max": 50
      "scripts": {
        "used": 0,
        "max": 50