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HTTP responses

The API uses HTTP responses to indicate success or error.

HTTP status

200 OK

  • Successful operations

400 Bad Request

  • Invalid JSON request

401 Unauthorized

  • Account does not have permission to perform the operation.
  • OAuth token is missing or invalid/expired.

403 Forbidden

  • Invalid input format
  • Missing body
  • Limits threshold reached

404 Not Found

  • Resource not found
  • Endpoint not found

406 Not Acceptable

  • No content-type specified
  • Content-Type not accepted

429 Too Many Requests

  • Rate limit exceeded

500 Server Error

  • Internal API error

502 Bad Gateway

  • Failure in our upstream providers

503 Service Unavailable

  • API is experiencing a downtime
  • API is under maintenance

504 Gateway Timeout

  • Timeout on operation

HTTP responses

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