Deleting a script

A script can be deleted from your collection by sending a DELETE request to its API URL:, where :id is the unique identifier of the script.
The action is not reversible and will permanently delete your script, detaching it from all links you have attached it to.

PATH Parameters

Parameter nameDescription
idUnique identifier of the script you want to permanently delete
Permanently deleting a single tag
$ curl '' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN_HERE'
When a script is deleted, its last object representation is returned (prior to deletion).
  "id": "fffa4cc5b6ee45d6g7897b06ac2d16af",
  "name": "Test Alert",
  "color": "<script>alert('test');</script>"

Handling errors

HTTP StatusError typeDescription
404404 - Not foundGiven id does not correspond to any existing script