Counting your links

Your branded short links collection size can be read with a HTTP GET on the count links endpoint

If you want to get the number of branded short links matching a given set of conditions (e.g. answering how many branded short links have been created with the domain, you can attach filters to your request:


Parameter nameTypeConstraintsDescription
favouritebooleanoptionalFilter branded short links depnding on the favourite (loved) property
domain.idstringoptionalFilter branded short links which refer to a specific branded domain id
GETting filtered links collection size
$ curl '' \
-H 'apikey: YOUR_API_KEY'
A numeric value is provided back:
    "count": 42

Handling errors

HTTP StatusError typeDescription
403403 - Invalid formatInvalid query parameters format. Double check value for property query parameter. Details about validation failure in message field.
404404 - Not found
with property value ""
Given does not correspond to any existing domain