Tags are used to better organize your branded links collection


Check for compatibility first

Double check whether your API key or OAuth token is enabled to use the Tags feature.
For every account, you can check for features and limits with a preliminary API call.

Tag Object

Main properties of a Tag object are:

idstringUnique identifier of a tag
namestringUnique name of a tag
colorstringHexadecimal representation of a color assigned to a tag

Tags management

Here are some basic operations you can perform regarding Tag resource:

Create a new tagSee Creating a new tag
Get tag detailsSee Getting tag details
Access your tags collectionSee Listing your tags
Delete a tagSee Deleting a tag
Count your tagsSee Counting your tags
Attach a tag to a linkSee Attaching a tag
Detach a tag from a linkSee Detaching a tag
Example of a Tag object
  "id": "3aehje9d536s46d59ba5bcf49b582ear",
  "name": "Stanford",
  "color": "#ddeeff"