Link Analytics

Get info about the incoming traffic on your links

Rebrandly keeps track of all traffic generated by your Branded Links.

The following information is available through the basic Rebrandly API for all Link resources:

  • "clicks": number of redirections performed on the link resource(s) over time
  • "sessions": number of distinct devices which originated traffic on the link resource(s) over time
  • "lastClickAt": date and time of the last redirection performed on the link resource(s)


Advanced analytics options

Advanced analytics beta reporting API is available - upon request - for Enterprise-grade plans, including:

  • Reports by a specific Workspace
  • Reports by a Workspace's Teammates
  • Reports by Account's connected Branded Domains
  • Custom Reports specific to a given Link management use-case in a specific Workspace
  • Segmentation of Link/Tag/Domain/Teammate/Workspace traffic according to hours/days/months, originating country, declared device/platform, browsing language, referral segment type (furthermore, according to specific Social platform - when it applies)