Migrate links over workspaces

How to migrate a link to or from a specific workspace?

There is no specific endpoint to migrate a link, whether it's to or from your personal account to a workspace or to or from different workspaces you own.
A workaround is that it can be done programmatically by deleting and recreating the links.

IMPORTANT: In this case, you will lose the click stats and all tags/information associated with the link.

This workaround is only possible if you are the workspace owner (this means you must have created the workspace from your personal Rebrandly dashboard). Here is a procedure to do that:

  1. Load from API a set of links you want to migrate.
    Depending on where the links have been created, you may need to include the workspace header (see Get started for more info).
    Double check how to filter your Rebrandly links in Listing your links.
    E.g. you may want to select all links with a given domain.

  2. For each of the links, perform the following:

  • DELETE the link from its current workspace (be sure to include the right workspace header if the link is visible only within that workspace context).
  • CREATE the link into your final context. If you are moving the link into a workspace, attach the workspace header (see Creating a new link for more info).
    Remember that you need to specify the branded domain in the request, as no default domain is defined for a team.