Use Rebrandly within Tweetbot

Tweetbot iOS and Mac applications enable users to integrate with their own custom URL shortener: instead of using the Twitter's anonymous domain, you can tweet using your own custom domain by integrating Tweetbot with Rebrandly.

Integration is very straightforward, as Rebrandly allows to short URLs with a specially crafted URL (see it in action in API explorer) and Tweetbot's custom URL shortener configuration works great with URLs.


To get a special URL for Tweetbot, replace YOUR_API_KEY with your own API key (How to get an API key?) in the following:[fullName]

This will shorten all URLs in your next tweets with domain.
Want to use your own custom domain you activated in Rebrandly? Just replace with your domain name in the URL.


Once you crafted your own configuration URL for Tweetbot, just write it down into your URL shortening section (within your account settings), choosing the Custom... option.

More info on Rebrandly knowledge base.


Tweet something which includes an URL: it will be rebranded using your own custom domain from Rebrandly and you'll even get insights on your visitors from your Rebrandly dashboard.


Don't forget to tweet about how much cool Rebrandly+Tweetbot is.